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Why Choose Glass?
Or rather, why choose anything else?

EuroClear Glass
Granite & Marble
Completely non-porous - never stains; is water resistant. Stone is porous - it stains.  
Extremely strong - can span up to 100" without support. Fragile (cracks around cooktops, sinks, etc.)  
Doesn't scratch easily - and marks can be polished out. Forgiving of scratches due to surface patterns.  
Resistant to most chemicals. Acidic liquids (such as vinegar & lemon) can damage surface.  
Very hygenic & easy to clean. Easy to clean.  
No purchase of full sheet required for small vanities, etc. Full slab purchase required.  

Then there are aesthetics:
Joanie Veitch of says: “Beautiful and stylish, glass combines exceptional form with functionality. It offers an incredible range of design possibilities as the glass can be processed to create many different shapes, colors and textures. As a translucent material it can also be combined with other design elements for added effect ...”

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